A classic average value articulator,
robust and long-lasting, with the high precision you expect.

The features in detail:
Suitable for the mounting of magnetic plate systems:

The ArTO articulator range offers impressive performance at a low price. With a consistent classic fully aluminum construction, these non-arcon articulators fulfil all your requirements in terms of stability and precision in everyday lab work.
Arto articulators are available in the construction height 116 mm (construction height of the ™Artex1), as well as in the construction height 126 mm (Artex1 carbon articulator). Depending on the requirement, three different versions of the Arto concept are available to you. From the classic average value articulator Arto 1 to the partially adjustable Arto 3, you are sure to find the right equipment.
The articulators are supplied from the factory with model plates made from plastic. To make the most of the full flexibility of the articulators, we recommend incorporating an Adesso Split or Adesso Multisplit magnetic plate system. Precise, stable, economical… Arto from Baumann Dental!